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Live sports is one of the most desired contents for sports fans. Find out how TV Metadata EPG from InfoPortugal can be the solution for best Sports Data Features. TV cable operators, OTT’s providers and Sports Websites are always demanding ways to improve the way customers search, watch and connect with sports content. With TV Metadata EPG, InfoPortugal extract sports metadata from all TV Broadcasters and improves the customer experience.

This journey starts with the raw data provided by each TV Broadcaster. While uploading all listings into our database, we extract and organize all information’s delivered by the providers and organize it in each metadata field. On the top of that data our team enrich the content with more advanced metadata that allows the development of the most advanced sports features that television and other platforms can offer to sports fans.

We know that awesome sports features and App’s are only possible after one very solid work extracting the raw data of each provider. That’s our mission and why we demand such big efforts in this huge task in order to clean the data and organize it in a way it’s possible to develop advanced TV features or App’s

What do we do best:

  • Extract, organize and validate all schedules from the major and small Sports TV Broadcasters.
  • After extraction, our sports editorial team validate all teams’ names in order to each team have one unique name and ID.
  • Identification of the competition of each sports event. We aggregate all events of one competition in the same ID, in order the customer can view all past and future events in the same timeline. This allows sports fans of a specific competition navigate through all events with less actions with the remote control. For example, we aggregate all games of Champions League in the same sports serie called “UEFA Champions League”.
  • All events are a classified with the specific genre/category that allows to sort events by sport type of sport.
  • All teams and competitions portfolio are enriched with logos and pictures. This allows us to produce pictures for each event combining the teams logos and the logo of each competition.

About InfoPortugal’s TV Metadata

InfoPortugal has been providing metadata for more than 10 years to the entertainment and audio-visual industry. We are a Portugal-based leading provider of metadata content and in 2018 we expanded our services in Europe, providing data to the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Sounds interesting? To know more about our services contact us.

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