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TV and Zapping: Guilty Pleasure or Frustration?

It is undeniable that the way we watch television today is drastically different when compared to what happened a few decades ago. Gone are the days when families, in Portugal at least, got together to see what was on at one of the two or three existing channels. Nowadays, there are new ways of watching […]

What does your TV box say about you

It’s been a while since the “magic box” has more colors than black and white. If, on the one hand, TV has become increasingly complex, on the other hand, it has more and more tools to make your life easier. The EPG is one of them, and it can say more about you than you ever imagined.

How TV Metadata EPG can supply Sports Data Features

Live sports is one of the most desired contents for sports fans. Find out how TV Metadata EPG from InfoPortugal can be the solution for best Sports Data Features.
TV cable operators, OTT’s providers and Sports Websites are always demanding ways to improve the way customers search, watch and connect with sports content. With TV Metadata EPG, InfoPortugal extract sports metadata from all TV Broadcasters and improves the customer experience.